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Easy-to-use software for finding guitar chords, scales and progressions
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Guitar Calculator Pro is a small, light-weight program for finding guitar chords, scales and progressions. The first thing you'll se when opening the program is its simple interface, resembling a guitar neck. From the Menu, you can choose to display the Chord or the Scale dictionaries. The Chord dictionary allows you to choose the type of chord you want to obtain: open, moveable, root 6th or root 5th, the last two meaning that the chords obtained will have its root note in the 6th or 5th string, respectively. By clicking on the note whose chord you want to obtain, the program will show its fingering in the guitar neck. Also, it will display the name of the chord, its formula (intervals) and the notes of the scale that constitute the chord. You can obtain up to seven different fingerings of the same chord.
The process is similar in the Scale dictionary. You can choose a note and select the type of scale you want to obtain (major, minor, blues, and so on). In this case, you will obtain the fingering of the scale and the notes constituting it, as well as its intervals. The shareware version has some features disabled; for example, the only scales you can obtain are the Major ones. An optional feature is a window showing the tablature of both the chords and scales. This program may be useful for beginning and intermediate guitar players.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Too expensive. Shareware has some features disabled
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