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Guitar Calculator Pro is a useful software tool that helps the users to learn guitar easily. It has got both the guitar chord chart as well as the scale chart. This valuable resource provides a very effective environment to make its users learn the chords and scales across the entire fretboard. Guitar Calculator Pro is a compact application that implements several useful features in a single guitar tool. This software provides an interface to the users so that they can be able to play all the songs they want on the guitar using their own personal computer. Moreover, it also assists them a great deal in making them learn the chord construction, scale construction, ear training and music theory. So it is a complete and useful software package for all guitar enthusiasts. An easy and user-friendly interface makes it a perfect medium for guitarists of all ages, both amateurs and professionals. Guitar Calculator helps its users to learn at their own natural pace using their personal computer. Software claims to be better,more effective and cheaper than most of the other chord and scale books available.

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